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Yasir Aheer
Digital Transformation, Professional Services, Innovation & Disruption

Yasir is a seasoned executive with a diverse industry experience spanning Telecommunications, Digital Media, Packaging Distribution and Health Care Research. He is passionate about the theory of innovation & disruption and how it can be applied to improve our lives and future. He loves exploring new ideas, techniques, methods & technologies and applying them to solve real world problems. He holds a Certificate in Disruptive Strategy (2019-2020) from Harvard University, a course by the late Clayton Christensen who coined the theory of Disruptive Innovation.

On a personal front, Yasir is a prolific reader and loves going hiking, bush-walking and snow camping. He has recently taken up Chess and so would be up for a game or four.

Varun Rao
Machine Learning, Mechanical Engineering

Varun has a Bachelors degree and PhD in Mechanical Engineering and a background in Machine Learning, but has a deep interest in the wider world of economics and politics. These issues are subject to a great deal of partisanship, so where one stands depends very much on where one sits. The hollowing out of the public debate on these polarising topics means that a great deal of objectivity is lost.


Varun hopes to bring some of the structured logic that is integral to the world of Engineering and Mathematics to debates relating to the wider world. Rather than presenting an entrenched point of view, his articles will seek to lay out the framework required to develop an informed opinion. While people will inevitably disagree on matters dear to their heart, a common approach on how to think, rather than what to think, will be a valuable contribution to the broader debate.


It is universally agreed that Varun loves to argue, so OurFewCents is his vehicle to reach out to a wider audience that would be possible otherwise. Drop him a comment if you disagree with any of his points – life would be intolerably bland without differing points of view!

Rahul Rao
Machine Learning, Mechanical Engineering

Rahul is the Director of Data Science at Deep Blue AI. His role at Deep Blue involves the disruption of industries where data-driven approaches have not been previously embraced. 

Rahul studied Mechanical Engineering at Monash University, earning his PhD in novel engine sensors. He then transitioned to the auto industry where he brought big data, machine learning, and automated analysis to tasks traditionally performed manually with small datasets. 

His interests lie in the waves of scientific advances, engineering innovations, and mathematical breakthroughs and the ways in which these change our lives, sometimes gently swelling but occasionally crashing over us and shaking up the ways in which we view the world.

Minnie Profile.jpg
Minnie Rous
Packaging, Business Operations

Minnie is the person people turn to when they need results. As a founding team member of multiple startups, she has immense experience in innovation and the entrepreneurial journey. Over the years, Minnie has held a diverse set of responsibilities from product development and operations to sales and marketing. In her most recent venture, Minnie is responsible for Product & Business strategy. 

Minnie led efforts to land multiple company awards including the Deloitte Technology Fast 500, SMART50 Awards and the Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards. Minnie's most unique honour has been 'Saving Suicidal Fish'; you will have to ask her to find out the full story. 

Urooza Sarma

Urooza is a final year PhD Candidate at the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute. Her current research investigates the mechanisms that affect female fertility, and how we can intervene to improve health outcomes. A budding reproductive biologist, her love for science lies in its dynamic nature and understanding how different aspects interact with each other.

Urooza’s passion lies in using her understanding of science to communicate complex ideas to the wider community. Urooza has several years of experience reporting fundamental science to non-technical audiences via radio, seminars, and social media platforms.

Outside of the lab, Urooza enjoys applying the scientific process to finding the perfect glass of wine or baking the perfect loaf of bread. 

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